Proud Mummy

Kyouya had his four month check up today and was EASILY the biggest baby there: both height and weight. Doc says he’s strong and healthy so I’m chuffed.

I don’t think he has ever been so well behaved in public. He was quite, cutely inquisitive, and patient! However, as you might’ve guessed, I rejoiced too soon. We were walking home when suddenly he got fussy. Nothing I did helped for long. I put his dummy in, he calmed, I walked a few feet, he spat it out and cried for it again… I know it was only a twenty minute walk but it felt longer and much worse than it actually was.

When your baby is crying every one stares at you both, and it’s rarely an understanding “awwww, the little tyke” kind of look, more often than not it’s a judging session of how good your mumming is. He was having a full on meltdown last month after a different doctor check up, and an old lady that walked past me honestly stopped regularly to look back disapprovingly. And when I stopped and picked him up, she stopped about 50 ft ahead of me, staring… Like she was in two minds about calling for police to check he was actually mine. I hate that. Mumming is hard and there are things that can’t be helped. Sometimes babies cry. Not because you’re a bad mum, but because they want a hug. In this instance that’s all he wanted too. I gave him a hug, calmed him down, put him back and kept walking. He fell asleep a few minutes later. I ended up walking past the old lady… She stood and waited to watch me walk past and peered in the pram to look at him… No doubt checking we look similar or something silly. It’s stuff like that that makes mum’s stress out, worldwide. It’s what makes us try to put on the facade of a “completely together mummy”.

I think I just need to remind myself that I’m doing the same as everyone else and not to worry… Better make it my ringtone or I’ll forget.

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