The bane of my existence!

No, not my husband, though certainly a close second: my boobs. Since getting pregnant they’ve morphed from reasonably sized ‘fun bags’ to a gigantic pair of milk balloons, that continue to fill past capacity even when you don’t need them to.

It’s not just today, it’s every day. If I go outside for any REAL length of time I run the risk of leaking. If I don’t have Kyouya available to unload the product into, or the ever fun breast pumps, I’m a time bomb.

I worked too long without a break on my first day back at work. What happened? I leaked through my bra, breast pads and my dress. Thanks to the lighting and my jacket it wasn’t noticeable unless you were staring at my chest, which happens more often now, but it’s harder to get away with in a one on one lesson. On another occasion I HAD Kyouya, but I couldn’t find anywhere to feed him. This meant I had to tough it out and bottle feed him whilst leaking over all my clothes! I actually soaked myself all the way to my navel that day.

“Why not use the toilet?” I hear! Because A) it’s hardly clean to make him eat boob in the loos, and B) if you’ve EVER seen the cues in the ladies loos, you know that anyone taking longer than three minutes is considered evil. It’s hard enough trying to go to the toilet without breastfeeding mum’s taking up a cubicle for twenty minutes at a time. There need to be more facilities.

In Hankyu department store in Osaka on the 11th floor there’s a SUPERB baby area and breastfeeding room. It has everything you need and friendly staff to help. Since finding it my life has become SO much easier. My only, albeit slightly pedantic, complaint, is that you can’t pump breast milk in the breastfeeding room. No entry without a baby. This meant that today when I went out to buy glasses I was stuck, just filling up. Like a faulty tap, slowly filling up a bowl of water until it overflows. Gotta say, I feel lucky it didn’t come through my coat, I wasn’t wearing my breast pads lol. That could’ve gotten interesting!

Considering this bodily function can’t be ”held in” or stopped, and can become painful after a while, it’s a wonder we don’t have more facilities to help women cope with this. I hope it’ll change in the not to distant future.

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