Sod’s Law

This law is of paramount importance to every new mum, because it applies to everything. You start cooking breakfast but baby wakes up just as it’s ready, you’re ready to leave the house when baby poops and you have to go get ready again, or like last night, baby is exhausted and begging for boob until you get into bed… At which point he stares at you with a gleeful smile and ignores your awaiting bosom.

Last night I was lucky that hubby was willing to walk him until he nodded off as it was DOUBLE sods law. I have work today and it’s like he knew! Thankfully he didn’t cause too much trouble this morning so I was able to get out the house alright. I was still late, but not by his fault… Didn’t want to leave that smushy face!

Ah well … Wish me luck! I’m hoping to do a full day of work WITHOUT irritating my babysitter for details every ten minutes.

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