Childhood skills!

Here’s some more information about my angel, past the obvious fact that he’s the most adorable baby alive, and his ability to drain my will to live some nights.

At birth he was 4684g, or 10lb 3oz, and easily dwarfed all the other babies there.

At 4 months he is now 9320g, or huge, in comparison to other babies his age. Even the formula tin says his weight should make him 9 months to a year old. He’s also 68cm tall now, but was 53cm at birth.

His eyes have changed colour continually since birth. They started off brown but changed to have blue and green tinges over the first few months. We’re now on a hazel brown which keeps getting lighter. I think it’ll be green in the end.

He’s well ahead of usual baby milestones because of his size. He was able to hold his head up well from two months old and was completely sturdy by 3 months old. He can get onto his knees while try to crawl, but naturally can’t crawl yet. He can stand whilst holding onto my fingers. He is able to full on fist grab my nipple and squeeze out my will to live. He is fully responsive to his environment and plays in his jumping thing a lot. He can sit up unsupported, though still leans forward a little. He’s an impressive chappy!

He has also been saying “mama” for a while now. The pronunciation is not perfect but he IS calling for me. It’s very early for any speech so we think he must have mine and daddy’s combined IQ.

There’s so much I could write but I can’t seem to think of anything else right now… Except that every morning he grunts while he farts for about 30 minutes.

Have a good day!

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