Some things don’t change

Despite having created a routine to help our tiny tot sleep, there are some days where it simply doesn’t work. This is no fault of our own, or the child’s really, it just happens.

Tonight is one of those nights. Fed, clean and ready for bed, but ardently resisting the sandman. But like every mum, there’s a trick or two you have to help them give in. No, not Calpol, though I hear it’s excellent; I’m talking about baby carriers, songs, stories, patting on the bum, swaying, and so much more. Mine has always been weak to the baby carrier so no matter what, he’ll fall asleep in that. It’s second only to the power of boobs. However… This power can be undone and is conditional. After he has fallen asleep I must sway for a firthfu twenty minutes before putting him down. I also can’t take him out of the baby carrier until AFTER he wakes up for a midnight feed or he will be back at square one.

I know all this pacing and swaying is doing a lot for my figure, but I wish it would do something for my exhaustion.

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