Kyouya – 1, Babysitter – 0

So today while I’m working, the babysitter has put my boy in the jumper thing so he can “dance” along to music. He loved this so it’s a great idea.

Sadly, after a while, his attention was drawn to the one toy on that jumper he has yet to figure out: the turtle. Basically you push the turtle down and loads of beads spin around. Thing is, despite showing him countless times, Kyouya has decided there’s a higher chance it’ll work if he stares at it and growls. The mind is a wonderous thing, but that has yet to work and Kyouya ends up crying. Usually we turn him to face a different toy and he soon calms down, but not today!

Poor babysitter knew what I do, and also tried to turn him to face a different toy. But he was adamant he’d play this one. Eventually, in floods of years, he put his hands up to be picked up out of it.

But upon being held in her arms, he looked at her disappointed and said “mama” before punching her in the nose. Dazed, she put him down. She’s wiped her nose, which seemed to be running, and discovered blood. Not a river, but enough to warrant a tissue or two. Apparently she thinks he was sad I wasn’t there, and punished her for it.

Either way:

Kyouya – 1, Babysitter – 0

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