Can I really do it?

There are good days and bad days as a parent; but mums take a lot to heart. Especially in our reactions. This makes us question whether or not we’re good mothers.

We all get irate every now and again when our tiny tots are unreasonable. Lately my boy has been acting out more outside of the house. It makes day trips much more tiresome. Usually it’s not enough to get me down, but if you combine it with other irritating things, you can quickly lose your cool. (See ‘aaaaargh! Another day Mumming’ for a good example).

The other day though, it was a surprise in house stressor that got me. Despite sleeping well usually, this one night he woke up every ten minutes for FIVE HOURS. Not hungry. Not wet. No fever. Nothing. And after a week of irritating day habits and little sleep, I was angry. I was grumbling about how he must hate me since he won’t let me sleep, like it was actually intentional. And once I’d gotten a full half hour and woken up… I really felt bad. I want more kids. But if I can’t keep my cool in such a simple situation, I can’t manage more. And I’m certainly a bad mummy already.

I bullied and beat myself up over this for days and convinced myself that I shouldn’t try to have more children because I was immature. But I’m wrong. Mums we may be, but we’re still human. It’s completely ok to get frustrated and angry when your continuous unwavering efforts are met with stubborn resistance. We can put up with a lot but there are times we need a break, either to sleep or do something we like. Time for that glass of wine or beer. Time to scream into a pillow too! We deserve to be able to do that too.

No-one is perfect at this.

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