Babysitter down

It has been a turbulent week this week resulting in a complete inability to post. There were good things and bad things so let’s look at them.

I worked a lot, but sadly Kyouya hasn’t been sleeping so I’m simply up several times throughout the night. It’s not nice going to work after 4 hours of regularly disturbed sleep, but there’s not much you can do about it.

We also had baby daddy’s birthday this week, and that was nice. We had to celebrate over several days considering everything, but the highlight was probably the Karaoke. I hate singing in front of anyone, but hubby managed to persuade me while he stood holding our tiny person. As I sang Adele’s “hello” he fell asleep! The tiny ball of energy fell asleep in a karaoke room while I murdered a beautiful song! Children are weird but this was oddly flattering.

The biggest issue this week was probably my babysitter. She has been a rock, bless her, but my tiny fat boy has gotten the better of her a few times this week. Wanting mummy, he gets clingy to her in my absence and often screams blue murder if you put him down. Since neither of us are fans of the “cry it out” method, it has meant a few long hours trying to calm him down in the baby carrier. Now if that wasn’t enough, she suffered two injuries this week saving my son from injury. One fall injuring her back and knee, another, only on Sunday, a day and a bit later, falling down and somehow almost decapitating her toes! Yeah, you read that right… without ANY sharp objects she somehow bent her toes completely back on her foot, and split open the back of her toes… I considered uploading a picture, but since I nearly vomited, the faint of heart may easily… Well … Faint.

She had four stitches in one toe and three in the other with extremely likely nerve damage. Despite many bets waged, she didn’t break ANY bones. Those betting blame her hypermobility and say they were cheated. Being among them, I naturally agree lol. But were it not for her sacrificing her foot as her knee gave out, my son could have suffered terrible injuries in such a small space. So this may mean I cannot work anymore until we get him into daycare, but on my part I’m just glad she’s not any worse and I’m eternally grateful that he’s ok.

I’ve struggled privately with lack of breast milk due to my working, and his new found fondness for food. But when I come home he always rummages for boob, so they’re still best quality it seems.

I’ve also been struggling on the job front. If I find a job I like I invariably don’t get a response, and jobs I don’t like come in spades. It’s a nightmare. As I’ve said previously, I have to love a job if I’m going to leave little man to do it. Just gonna have to keep looking.

Milestones were a-plenty this week. He managed to get his bum off the floor in crawling, only 3 seconds but now all we need is to move forward! I have high hopes he’ll be steady all four wobbling in two weeks.

More than anything I hope things start getting easier soon. I hope you all are well too.

Kyouya – 1, Babysitter – 0

So today while I’m working, the babysitter has put my boy in the jumper thing so he can “dance” along to music. He loved this so it’s a great idea.

Sadly, after a while, his attention was drawn to the one toy on that jumper he has yet to figure out: the turtle. Basically you push the turtle down and loads of beads spin around. Thing is, despite showing him countless times, Kyouya has decided there’s a higher chance it’ll work if he stares at it and growls. The mind is a wonderous thing, but that has yet to work and Kyouya ends up crying. Usually we turn him to face a different toy and he soon calms down, but not today!

Poor babysitter knew what I do, and also tried to turn him to face a different toy. But he was adamant he’d play this one. Eventually, in floods of years, he put his hands up to be picked up out of it.

But upon being held in her arms, he looked at her disappointed and said “mama” before punching her in the nose. Dazed, she put him down. She’s wiped her nose, which seemed to be running, and discovered blood. Not a river, but enough to warrant a tissue or two. Apparently she thinks he was sad I wasn’t there, and punished her for it.

Either way:

Kyouya – 1, Babysitter – 0