Horny cat strikes again!

Late the other night I made a split second decision to run to the shops for a few things, rather than wait until the next day. Everything was great until I rounded the corner and was face to face with horny kitty!

I caught it as it made another lap of our house. We paused. I wasn’t sure what to do and neither was it. I mean, does it think I have a captive horny kitty, or is it attempting to fit in to our family? I have no idea, and waited too long to do something so he ran off around the back of my house again. I looked around for a few minutes and wondered if, by waiting at the front of the house for it to finish another lap, whether or not I could scare it and maybe make it stop hunting our baby.

It got a little weird though…. My neighbor was outside. He often has a cigarette outside but I didn’t spot him. So there I am hunting a horny kitty, ducking down behind a gate in the hopes of catching this thing off guard, when I catch a glimpse of the cigarette and stand bolt upright. It was humiliating. I dashed inside after a sheepish smile, but nothing will erase that… The things we do for our children eh?

Horny cat troubles

I don’t have a cat. But this week a neighborhood cat has taken up an odd habit. Being spring they’re all out trying to mate and we hear it A LOT. However recently I’ve noticed that there’s one that repeatedly circles our house… But that’s not the weird part. It keeps mewing in the EXACT SAME VOICE that little Kyouya babbles. So I’ll here it and immediately turn to look at Kyouya. It’s so convincing I, his mother, can barely tell the difference!

My concern is that this horny kitty thinks Kyouya’s babble is a mating call, and is trying to get close. Do I need to prepare for this when I go out now? Is defending my baby from a horny kitty another mummy task now? Cos I SWEAR that wasn’t in the job description and there’s DEFINITELY nothing about it in the handbook.

A mum’s work is endless.